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Catching Fire filming


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we cannot force them with our ideal cast for finnick role! everybody has different imagination. just trust them!



I am sick of Drama Lamas, so this will be the only post I’ll be writing about this.

  1. Sam is too old/ too young.

     Hell no, Finnick is supposed to be 25. (With some simple math you can proof this yourself). Sam is, in fact, 25 years old.

  2. Sam is not blonde.

    You have got to be kidding me. Noticed that Jennifer, Josh and Liam all dyed their hair? Why shouldn’t they do the same on Sam? Also, Finnick is not blonde! In catching fire he is described with bronze hair, THIS is what the color looks like.

  3.  Sam is not muscular enough.

    I honestly don’t know how fit Sam is, but I am sure he has been in the gym alot since he has got casted. And here is he looking pretty muscular

  4. Sam is ugly.

    Bitch, really? Have you even seen him? Googled some pictures? He is not only adorable like a puppy but also freakin gorgeous. He has the natural beauty that is described in the books. Here are some of my favorite pictures of him.
    (x), (x), (x), (x). 

  5. Sam is not the actor you wanted

    I have been over this many times before. There are so many different actors out there, so many fans see someone else as their Finnick, the odds that exactly your favorite gets chosen is very low. Dreamcasts, are after all dream casts. Dreams do not always come true. sadly as it is, you just have to deal with it.

You can bitch about Sam being Finnick as long as you want, it won’t matter. He will be Finnick, you won’t be able to change that. So better accept it, it will only make you look pathetic after hating him so much and then “being is biggest fan” after the movie came out.

This is exact the same what happened when we got Jen, Josh and Liam, you all love them now. Don’t try to deny that you loved them right away, only a handful of people gave the cast a chance from the start.

We’ll see who will call themselves future “Mrs Claflin” after the movie.

So just think about him as Finnick for a few minutes, close your eyes and just imagine. Sam will do a great job, trust the casting people.

So stop being a Drama Lama, the world would be thankful.

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I don’t want the easy way I just want you…


If you were to edit the shit out of him. Like hair, eyes, I think he’d be a good finnick.